Saturday, January 28, 2006

Blogging along

OK, so it's been awhile since I posted last, sorry about that - I'll try to keep up with things here. Needless to say that it's been a little busy as we prepare for the new little one that will arrive anytime now. Chrissie's official due date is only a week out, but she's pretty ready for it to occur 'anytime.'

The video equipment has sold to a local guy who is quite excited about using it for his business - that is an answer to our prayers as that has paid for the minivan. A few more projects, both at SAIF and on the side, have come to a close as well, lifting off my shoulders much of the craziness that we have been facing this last few months. Can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief? Well, maybe not quite yet. I have to rest up a little bit and get ready to be a house dad and take care of Christina and the kids. I have been saving up my leave time from work for the last few years, so here is the time to take advantage of it. I'm planning on taking off three weeks, maybe more if needed, and then wean myself back into the regular flow of life.

I am looking forward to entertaining friends and family at our place during the last half of February, so if you would like to come visit us, hold the new baby, and let me feed you some dinner fixings - drop me an email or a phone call so we can put you onto our calendar. Seriously - let's get together.

OK, that's about all for today, but before I take off I want to share this movie web site link with you - a great film that you should check out:

- Adriel

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Introducing our new transportation

So last week our station wagon died (see previous post), this week we bought a well cared for minivan. Feel's good to have wheels back again for transporting us all around (besides my little tiny commuter car which could probably entirely fit in the mini-van if you folded up the back two seats). So now we're a two Toyota family. Here's our cute faces in front of our newest addition (or edition if you please).