Friday, May 16, 2008

Bridge over Lego Waters

Here is the progression of Abigail's Lego bridge. In the end it needed some engineering help from Dad but most of the building was done all by herself.

Here is the finished product and a very proud Abigail!

Every Princess needs a Crown

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Sling

Miriam is pretty much too big to sit in our sling anymore,  but she has found other uses for it and has made it very clear that the sling belongs to her!

To craft or not to craft....

This week I went a little crazy learning about lap books. Basically they are fun mini books that explain or demonstrate what you are learning and then all of the mini books are attached to a decorated file folder so you end up with a big "book" containing all of these little books of information. I was lucky enough to find some great information quickly. However, what we have created are some pretty rudimentary little books. Nothing fancy like the web sites I have found.

I went on this search for lap-book knowledge because David and Abigail's learning styles are so very, very different. David would be happy to never do something that could be interpreted as a craft (at least that's what he says) and Abigail is thrilled to be surrounded by paper, glue, scissors and stickers. The Lap-books are for Abigail and she just loves making and filling them out. I am amazed at how a bit of construction paper can inspire her. This was really my sneaky way of getting her to practice her math facts and Latin vocabulary. These mini books haven't been put into a lap-book yet but they did get her to practice!

This week we also finished up our study of China. On Friday We made these paper Chinese lanterns. When David saw Miriam playing with the sample I made he thought it was going to be very hard to put together. Despite his normal aversion to crafts he had fun making this lantern. Can you guess which lantern belongs to each child?

Math - MUS Epsilon lesson 11 - dividing fractions was declared "easy" but it does take time.
Latin - LfC - working on ch. 16
Project - Trying to decided on a project for "Grandparent's Day" was a big job. It has been decided but we can't reveal details here yet.

Math - Working on fact memorization and starting MUS Gamma.
Latin - Song School Latin lesson 9 and working on memorizing vocabulary with mini books
Project - Still working on the bridge...