Saturday, July 28, 2007

Old is New Again

This week I went through many boxes, resorting, throwing away exc. in preparation for our move. I found many of my old dolls and stuffed animals. Abigail was delighted with these new treasures and here she is with the stuffed cat my Aunt Gwen made for me. She is aptly named "Flower".


My baby and her baby

Miriam feeding her baby


"Hmmm, how does this work again?"

Loose Teeth

Some of you know that Abigail has been claiming she has a loose tooth on and off for the last few years. This mostly occurs when her big brother loses a tooth. Now it has finally happened. My baby girl has her very own first loose tooth! Look for tooth fairy updates coming soon.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Abbie's last reading box

Today Abbie finished her last reading lesson in her fifth and final reading box. We are very proud of all her hard work. Hooked on Phonics is finished so now we will just practice what she has learned. Good job Abbie!


Friday, July 20, 2007


The kids and I went blueberry picking today (Thank you Miller Farm!) and we had a great time. We got 20 pounds of berries in a pretty short amount of time. I wish I had thought to bring my camera. Miriam mostly ate but she did get into the picking groove for a while and started throwing berries into Abigail's bowl. If you wondered it is pretty funny to watch a toddler carefully pick one berry at a time and drop it into a bucket. My fingers are still a little blue but we are very happy with our haul for the year. If any of you are interested in picking at the Miller's you drive straight threw Gervis and keep going over the freeway until you see a little sign that says "Blueberries" on your left. Only a dollar a pound, it's a good deal! If you don't know where Gervis is then you live to far away. Come by for berries!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

A new blog picture

Let's face it, we need a new blog picture. Yes, Miriam is in that one but she is still in utero and we went to great lengths to hide my rather large belly, so you can't even see that. I frankly don't know how to put a new picture up and my dear husband is about as slammed with work as a guy could be. It will have to be enough that I acknowledge that we need a new one and hope we get it before the baby is a two-year-old.


Free Ice Cream!!!

Today the kids and I headed to Fred Myer to get a few basics. We are always in need of bananas for some reason. This time it was really essential to go because I was down to about 5 diapers, and that was if I checked the glove compartment of the car and the junk drawer in the kitchen. So off we went to Freddy's with the big kids thinking I am a big "Meanner" for taking them away from their friends. Never-mind that these little neighbor kids were rude to them and made them cry earlier in the day, nope, I was a meanner for making them leave.

Once at Fred Myer what should we see but a big Umpqua trailer. Hmmm, what could this be? FREE ICE CREAM!! woohoo! "Mom how did you know ice cream was my favorite?" For those of you who don't know Abigail, anything she likes at the moment is her favorite. So the kids (even Miriam) get their little sample cones and we head into the store. Things are looking up. After all, I have gone from being a meanner, to allowing ice cream in the middle of the afternoon. Then, you guessed it, disaster strikes. Not but a few licks in and Abbie's hits the floor. A quick scoop with a produce bag saves us from having to call the mop guy but I am afraid ice cream is exempt from the 5 sec. rule. No more ice cream and she had to watch Miriam eat hers, and drip it everywhere too. Never fear, although I made her wait until we were done getting our purchases the nice man at the Umpqua booth let her have another scoop and all was right with the world once more.

-Christina (Who has decided that if I don't sign my posts you won't always know who is writing)