Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My three

My (nearly) 16 yo will be working for Big Blue, My 7 yo officially has more college money saved than her teenaged brother..... and my 11 yo has a serious case of middle child syndrome.  Poor Girl.

Monday David accepted a Summer internship working with the JAVA team at IBM. Only a quarter of the kids who applied for internships through ASE got one this year.  David was part of that exceptional 25%.  He is beyond excited, he even smiled a whole bunch.  Those of you who know him realize that this is significant.

 This evening we were informed that Miram's essay about college won for her age group.  Her essay (below this on the blog) about singing and dancing in theater class bested hundreds of other first grade entries for the $1000 scholarship award. It will be announced on Saturday at the Awesome 3000 event in Salem.  Come cheer for her!

Hugs for Abby are welcome; it's hard to be the middle kid....  I should know.  

~ Christina 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Let’s Help People!

Let’s Help People!
By: Abigail Henderson

  College is going to be amazing, astounding and most of all, awesome! Choosing a career is going to be fun. There are great things to do on campus. I can’t wait to meet new people and  do new things. Have you ever done an exciting experiment in the science lab? I want to!

  In college I plan on taking advantage of all the different learning environments. The first place is the library. I love books and you don’t see me very often without a book in my hands. The next one is the science lab. Meeting new scientists,doing hands on projects and doing experiments are things I am looking forward to. I like nature and it inspires me in my drawings so I want a college that has outdoor spaces. The last environment I want to use is the theater. I would like to help set up for plays.

  College I awesome because I will get to learn the skills of a career. I think a career should be fun and  interesting but also earn a good amount of money all at the same time. I am thinking of being a nurse, a veterinarian or an artist. In college I plan on trying to decide. I would like to be a nurse or a veterinarian because they help people.

  In college I will get to try new things, like new hobbies. I have a lot of interests right now and I would love to find more. Although I have some ideas, It would be great to discover other career options too. Because I am interested in new things, I want meet other people and see what hobbies they have. I might even do a semester abroad in Paris, France. It would be exciting.

  I am glad that in college I will find a career path, fresh Learning environments and meet new people. The most awesome thing about college is getting to choose a good career because I want to have fun and help people.    

The Finishing Touch

Every girl needs great accessories to go with her outfit.  I just posted matching headbands and hair clips on My Sailor Girls.  Come check them out!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I am ridiculously excited about how well this curry came out.  It was my first attempt and although I will tweak a few things next time, I am please with the results.  Of course I couldn't get anyone else to eat it ..... but that just leaves more for me.

~ Christina

Singing and Dancing

College is awesome because there are many things to do and I can meet new people too. When I read books in the college library I will learn new things. Books are very interesting because you can do research and study them.  Sometimes I could meet people in the library.

When I go to college I will get to meet interesting new people.  I hope that my roommate will be my friend.   Meeting new people from a different part of the world would be cool because I could learn their language.  Also, I can learn about their country and I will try some of their yummy food.

At the performing arts center on campus I will meet new friends.  I will help them design costumes for a production. I can sing and dance in the play. When I am in a show, I will have fun and get my energy out.  The best thing about college is going to be putting on plays in the theater because I can sing and dance with my new friends.

~ By Miriam Henderson