Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Lesson in Frustration

Our first art lesson was about frustration.  Apparently even the great artists get frustrated with their attempts and the writer of our art program wanted the kids to know it was normal.  He also wanted to teach them to be glad they will be drawing with their hands.  Our first assignment was to draw like Joni Ericson Tada - With our mouths!  This even got a laugh out of David.

These are Abigail's Butterflies.  One done with her hands,  and one without.

David's First Day of School

There it is.  Proof that by the first day of 6th grade my son is taller than I am!
 We worked hard this morning and learned some great stuff but everyone needs a brain break.  Here is one of my favorite reasons for homeschooling.  Watching my big eleven-year-old boy wrestle with his baby sister.

Horsy ride anyone?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekly Report- week two 2008-09

This weekly report is really late but you will have to forgive me because my dear husband gave me the weekend off and I ran away to visit a friend in Washington.  I also got to spend a couple of hours at Exodus Provisions which is our local homeschooling store.  I went all by myself and had no time limit!  That has never happened before, it was great.  I got to actually look at stuff in person before buying it and even perused some things we won't need until next year.  I also got to go get art supplies for our art history program and that was neat.  I am not sure what to do with all of the stuff on the supply list but I am excited to learn along with the kids.

last week went better for Abigail.  She is getting use to the school routine and she is really excited about her notebook, which has her individual work for the week.  She loves being independent!  At some point during the Summer she had picked up the idea that school was terrible and she didn't like it.  She is mostly back to enjoying school now.  There are a few things she doesn't love but over all we are getting into the swing of it.

This week we are busy getting ready for David to join us for school.  His first day is Wednesday.  I remember my first day of sixth grade.  Did anyone actually like Jr. High?  He doesn't know what he is missing, and I am sure glad he is missing it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Weekly Report of 2008-09!

Abigail and I started a partial school schedule this week.  I wanted to get her into a routine before adding in David and all of the things I need to do for him.  Second grade should be a fun year.  She is excited about doing Earth Science this year but after the relaxed way we have done school in the past, second grade has been a bit of a shock.  

We will start our formal study of Medieval times using My Father's World - Rome to the Renaissance when David starts school but for now we are reading about China in honor of the Olympic games.

She started cursive this year at her request and that is going well.  She was excited to write real words in cursive by the end of the week.  Math is just review right now but we will pick up new concepts in a couple of weeks.

We are looking forward to having a great time next week!

Here are our First day of School Pictures.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This last weekend was Abbie's 7 year birthday party. It was a princess party complete with a castle cake, numerous pink ribbons and a bunch of giggly girls.

I also forgot to post anything about David's birthday trip to the Evergreen Aviation space museum a few weeks back so here's some shots of that event as well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another sailing weekend

On Sunday David and I took the old sailboat down to North Fork Reservoir just south of Estacada. The wind was calm but we caught just enough of it to get us the mile from the launch up to the dam where we tied up at a log barrier and fished for a few hours.

We didn't catch any fish but we did get to relax and watch the local bald eagles practice their fishing skills, though they didn't catch anything either.

Tied up to the log barrier.

The log barrier is wide enough to walk on and fish from.

It's a small but beautiful reservoir

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sailing Hagg Lake

The older kids were at church camp this weekend so Christina, Miriam and I took the boat to Henry Hagg Lake outside of Forest Grove. The sailing was good and relaxing. We made our way around the lake and discovered a little beach area on the opposite side that looks like a fun place to land the boat and play.

Miriam is a crack up with her oversized sunglasses that she insists must be worn up-side-down!

Click for full size video.