Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trivium Cooperative Academy

This Fall some friends and I will be starting into the first year of our new homeschool co-op, Trivium Cooperative Academy.  There will be a program for the Elementary aged kids and for the Jr. and Sr. Highers.  Oh, the lengths a mom will go to get out of biology dissections!  The High School program is my main focus since David will be entering ninth grade and I am pretty excited about our classes.  We are going to use the My Father's World program Ancient History and Literature with the High Schoolers as well as Apologia sciences.  I have wanted David to have a consistent group of friends as well as other teens to do some of these more group-oriented subjects with.  Blowing up the science lab is much more interesting when you have partners in crime.

Adriel helped me to get a domain set up for TCA and is advising about some things, but I made the website all by myself (with a little help from iWeb). I had a lot of fun building it and since the ladies working I am working with never sent over pictures of their kids, most of the adorable children on the site are mine. Come check us out at tcasalem.org.