Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Geek Tree

David isn't really into decorating the Christmas tree.  On the night we put up this little beauty he actually did homework while the girls decorated.

And then Sunday night he came home with a box of computer parts (an unremarkable occurrence around here).  Here is the evidence of his latent Christmas spirit..... The Geek Tree.

Points to anyone who know what this stuff is!


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.....

Here is the fam, in front of the star of the moment

Our Tree!

We ran out to near-by Palmer's Tree Farm here in Keizer and had a great time picking out our tree.  It is a great place with lots of beautiful, trimmed trees in several varieties.  Hot chocolate, fun bailer and even these great tree haulers (the thing Abby is sitting on).  I had never seen one before and it was very helpful.

Adriel started the cutting....

But David did most of it.  How to properly cut down a tree is part of his teen man/ boy skill training.  He was quite fast and did a great job.

Sitting on the cones watching David work....

The tree cart made it so easy, Miriam pulled the tree up to the bailer!  Good job Mim.


*Disclaimer - If you are looking for lovely well lit pictures check out Adriel's photography blog.  This blog has been taken over by Christina.   You will find many pictures here, most of them fuzzy and none well lit.  If at this point you are wondering how a photographer's wife could take such pictures...... we will just say that opposites attract.

skipping right over......

 the enormous amount of potatoes I made for Thanksgiving......

This blog is moving right on to Christmas....

While far from perfect I am pretty happy with how these etched glasses came out for my super hero loving nephew.  I am making several gifts this year but some of the other recipients may read this blog.... so this is all you get.

~ Christina