Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We spent a brief time in the water this weekend.

On Saturday we went to Henry Hagg Lake as a family. We arrived late and the park closes fairly early so we were only able to enjoy the water for about an hour.

On Sunday David and I took the boat up to Detroit Lake. There was a slight breeze but after fifteen minutes the wind stopped completely.

That's the adventurous unpredictability of sailing for you!

We still had fun, David jumped in and swam around a bit and enoyed the cool water in the warm afternoon sun. Don't miss the video clip below the pictures.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Evolution of "Yes"

Quite some time ago Miriam learned to say "yes". It was a cute, two-syllable-with-the-"s"-drawn-out kind of yes. 

Then a few months ago, to my great disappointment, "ye-ssss" gave way to"a-hu" (I have no idea how to spell this). You know, that indiscriminate sound you make when you are agreeing with someone just to make them go away because you are busy? I couldn't get her back to "yes" no matter how hard I tried! 

Then last week, oh joy of joys, answering in the affirmative is now an enthusiastic "Ya".

 Much Better!  I can't help but wonder..... what will be next?

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Old Boat Floats!

Last weekend we took the sailboat with us on a camping trip to Lake Merwin in Washington. There wasn't much wind the first few days but we put her in the lake anyway for her first swim in over ten years. My friend Jeremy doesn't live too far away from the lake so he came up to help out.

The last day of camping the sky finally cleared and the wind kicked up. We had a great time zig zagging around the lake for a few hours! (Sorry, no pictures of that, we were having too much fun and getting too wet to grab the camera!)

The only casualty was the trailer which didn't survive the trip - it got the boat home, but it's not going any further than that. If you happen to know of an 18' boat trailer for sale let me know...we want to get her back in the lake soon!

Here are a few detailed shots of the boat.

There is still a little work to do such as installing the grab rails, breakwater and benches, but nothing to keep us from sailing.