Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching up...

A few of the things that have been keeping me too busy to post here lately:

In January I went to the SHOT show in Las Vegas to help with the Leupold booth and get a feel for what other's are doing with video and interactive in their booths. That is one huge trade show!

Also in January and related to work, I launched the Redfield website. This was a five month project on my part, as well as great work with a few fabulous partner companies. Thank you Mind's Eye Productions, Fluid Images and Planet Argon! There's another exciting component coming soon to the Redfield site in a few weeks - for now go to the site and sign up for the email newsletter and we'll drop you an email when it's live.

At home I've jumped into making a more functional workspace for myself, the first step of which has been building a workbench - which I just finished this afternoon. This is based on the "21st Century Workbench" design from Popular Woodworking. I'm hoping that one day I can pass this along to one of my grandchildren.

I was able to take my dad's vise and use it in the end-vise position on this bench:

The drawers in the middle of the table can hold tools and bits while in the middle of a project, or flipped over for a smooth table-top.