Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Puppy

We've been considering a second Beagle for awhile, and this week we found the right match. Meet "Switch" (another Matrix character). He's not quite six months old and is a very sweet little guy. So far Switch and Morpheus seem to be having a great time together, aside from the occasional wrestling match gone too far.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mim's First Math Lesson

When Miriam discovered that our most recent math book order contained a book for her she was very excited.  Past experience has taught me to get these things before I really need them because when a little one decides they want to do "real school" they do not want to wait for a shipment of books.
MUS Primer had been hanging out on our shelf for the last month, just waiting until it's little owner showed an interest ; so today Miriam got her first formal math lesson.

In our house formal academics are never required at this age, but I never turn down a kid who asks to learn in any form, and the little ones feel so grown up doing a "real math book".  They don't tend to realize that all of the real life counting and adding and subtracting could be learning.  I love that hands on/ real life learning and that will never end, but sometimes you just need a 'math movie' as MUS is called in my house.

In addition to two math lessons Miriam did three reading lessons (very beginning and super easy) as we as a couple of pages in her handwriting book, which was really just tracing some lines with a crayon.  She had  a great time and then proceeded to tell me that she hadn't done very much pre-school today.  Sigh.  Preschool to Miriam means coloring.  If I put a princess coloring book in front of her she will gladly inform Daddy that evening that she did "A lot of school work" but if we do phonics and math and bible and handwriting she will tell him that she didn't do any preschool that day.  When I offer that these other things are considered schoolwork by most other people she gives me a skeptical look which questions my sanity.  I'm just glad that Adriel has faith in my ability to teach preschool!

In case you are wondering, yes, the floor is where we normally do math.  It's easier to build towers with the blocks that way!


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