Monday, May 01, 2006

Spring Day

While Adriel was playing catch with the kids Abigail kept putting her glove on her head and saying "I caught myself!" Both of the kids got pretty good at playing catch. They also had a great time with the new nerf football Adriel got them.

Once the children were eating their ice cream cones Adriel tried to teach me to catch the football. I managed as long as he lobed it to me from only a few feet away. OK, so I ran after it more times than not but I had a blast!


Paul and Lindsey visited us over the Easter weekend. At first Lindsey claimed Paul was the baby holding expert (and I couldn't have gotten ready for our guests without his taking care of Miriam) but by the end of the day Aunt Lindsey was an old pro.

My Easter, by Christina

Well this isn't 'a school assignment but I thought I would post a few pictures about Easter. Adriel's brother and his wife came down for the weekend and we hosted the dinner at our house. It was the first time we had the whole family over for a holiday and it was fun. The kids got baskets from grandma and grandpa but their favorite thing was the egg hunt. With help from my mom, cousin and most of all Adriel we had a lovely day and yummy food!

As a side note.... Just when I think I am pretty cool because I am figuring out how to put pictures on this blog, Adriel goes and adds video clips!