Monday, August 11, 2008

Another sailing weekend

On Sunday David and I took the old sailboat down to North Fork Reservoir just south of Estacada. The wind was calm but we caught just enough of it to get us the mile from the launch up to the dam where we tied up at a log barrier and fished for a few hours.

We didn't catch any fish but we did get to relax and watch the local bald eagles practice their fishing skills, though they didn't catch anything either.

Tied up to the log barrier.

The log barrier is wide enough to walk on and fish from.

It's a small but beautiful reservoir


Anonymous said...

You should have driven just a few more miles up the road and had your own little Grub Camp!

Rachel said...

WOW!! Can I just say that he looks ALOT like a certain other boy that I once BRIS, I believe.