Thursday, April 11, 2013

Singing and Dancing

College is awesome because there are many things to do and I can meet new people too. When I read books in the college library I will learn new things. Books are very interesting because you can do research and study them.  Sometimes I could meet people in the library.

When I go to college I will get to meet interesting new people.  I hope that my roommate will be my friend.   Meeting new people from a different part of the world would be cool because I could learn their language.  Also, I can learn about their country and I will try some of their yummy food.

At the performing arts center on campus I will meet new friends.  I will help them design costumes for a production. I can sing and dance in the play. When I am in a show, I will have fun and get my energy out.  The best thing about college is going to be putting on plays in the theater because I can sing and dance with my new friends.

~ By Miriam Henderson

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