Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My three

My (nearly) 16 yo will be working for Big Blue, My 7 yo officially has more college money saved than her teenaged brother..... and my 11 yo has a serious case of middle child syndrome.  Poor Girl.

Monday David accepted a Summer internship working with the JAVA team at IBM. Only a quarter of the kids who applied for internships through ASE got one this year.  David was part of that exceptional 25%.  He is beyond excited, he even smiled a whole bunch.  Those of you who know him realize that this is significant.

 This evening we were informed that Miram's essay about college won for her age group.  Her essay (below this on the blog) about singing and dancing in theater class bested hundreds of other first grade entries for the $1000 scholarship award. It will be announced on Saturday at the Awesome 3000 event in Salem.  Come cheer for her!

Hugs for Abby are welcome; it's hard to be the middle kid....  I should know.  

~ Christina 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to David on his internship and Mim on her scholarship! David is, I'm sure, more excited than Miriam.

Just let Abbie know that her time to shine will come as well. All in good time.