Saturday, August 13, 2005

Catching you all up...

Hey, this is Adriel, I'm the Dad of the Henderson family. Christina is the wonderful mother who keeps us all going. David is 8 and loves space stuff (he wants to be an astronaut). Abbie is an adventerous 4 year old who loves to dance and grab our attention in any way possible. Another is on the way, in Christina's tummie right now, he or she will arrive in February.

We have two pets, both rather excentric. Kodak has been with us the longest, he is a very large gray cat. Toby is a Beagle, but watch out! - he sneezes "stuff" rather often due to a lifetime sinus problem.

Christina enjoys putting our photos into creative memories albums. I enjoy anything that flies including RC planes, but I'm dreaming big of a day when I can build a personal sized plane in the garage.

We're setting up this blog so we can share pictures and events with friends and family and capture lifes ups and downs as it goes by. So welcome to our family blog!


Anonymous said...

Great! I love blogs. Now I'm guaranteed not to be the last one to know stuff (of if I am, it's my own fault).

Anonymous said...

hey bro what up it's sean and your site is wicked awesome right now i have a xanga site at so come and see it