Saturday, October 01, 2005

Astronomy Adventures

On Friday David and the Justice boys down the street went to their first science class at the A.C. Gilbert children's museum. It was about all things space. They learned about moon cycles and black holes and came home with all sorts of fun things including a star chart. The museum even brought in one of those portable, blow-up planetarium and did a show. All of the boys had a great time, and so did the girls. Abbie's little friend came along as well and after running around the museum they decided to brave the drizzle to play in the sand. Covered from head to toe is a pretty good description of how they emerged.

After a quick clean up we all went to have Costco hotdogs with Adriel. On a Friday afternoon Costco is a busy place but even with 7 people we managed to find a seat and had a nice time. We finished up Friday at 'Friday Night Worship' at church and then back home for root beer floats and games with some friends. What a day!

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