Saturday, November 12, 2005

Belly Dance

Our new baby is coming right along. In fact Christina was asked twice in the same day if she was carrying twins - "No, just a Henderson". The little one is definitely making her presence known - both in wiggliness and in size.

We're close to deciding on a name, and we're busy shifting the house around the clear out space for the new occupant. So now we just have to get through the holiday's and before you know it we'll have a new Henderson.

Next weekend the girls are headed to California for "auntie" Heather's wedding. I'll try to sling up a picture of Abbie in her flower girl dress, and of course I'll send the camera with the girls for the trip.

So what are the boy's up to? David get's to tag along to work with me on Friday and see what exactly a web designer does all day. Then on Saturday David's Grandpa Larry, Grandpa Smokey, and Uncle Chad are coming over to help put in a whole new section of laminate flooring in the kitchen. Everything should be a disaster just in time for the girls to come home on Sunday afternoon.

We'll keep you posted!

- Adriel

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John & Stephanie Parks said...

You look beautiful Chrisy, I just had to share that with you - Steph