Friday, December 23, 2005

Ode to the station wagon

How ironic that the lead picture in the last post showed us as a family (minus myself since I was taking the picture) standing in front of our station wagon. Two days later the transmission broke and began spilling parts along the Target parking lot, it only took a few feet before the car came to a complete stop. Christina was alone with the car at the time and got out to find ball bearings rolling everywhere! A new transmission is out of the question so this car is off to the giant recycling bin in the sky. It's hard to say goodbye to our long-time transportation friend but we have known for the last year that the time was near.

Now we're looking at ways to purchase a used mini-van, hopefully a good Toyota Previa, to fit our growing family. If you know of any deals out there please let us know.

Meanwhile, we need to sell off our production gear. Truth is that I haven't been using it for a year now and it can be much better used in someone else's hands. So, do you know of anyone in the market for a good camera package at a fair price? It's up on craigs list right now.

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