Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote by Mail

On this election day I wanted to take the opportunity to ask a question. When so many states were revising the way they vote, why did no one think of voting by mail? Oregon has proven that it works beautifully for years now, yet no one else jumps in. You can sit with your ballot, all of the information about measures and candidates, your cup of coffee at your kitchen table and make a clam and informed decision about your voting choices. No rushing to get to work, going out in the rain, dragging the kids to the polling place. Most of all, no unreliable electronic voting machines. If we need reform why go with an unproven technology when out here in little 'ol Oregon we have a pretty low tech, proven solution - All you need is a pen and a stamp.

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Anonymous said...

So true. Even better than that would an online voting system, in my estimation.