Friday, December 29, 2006

David's tram day

By David Henderson

When I woke up, I felt tired. The room was dark and warm. mom gave me my clothes for me. I dressed myself,brushed my teeth and waited for Dad. Next I got in the Blue Car with Dad because we were going to the Portland Tram to go on the first ride. The car ride was slow and boring because of all the rain, but at least we got there. After we drove to the Portland Tram, we saw the building that the station was in, it looked like a hospital. I saw Danielle the reporter who interviewed me for the Oregonian newspaper. I got a hat from a builder of the tram because he is amazed at how I built my Lego tram. The tram ride was cool because of the view but the tower, going over it was even cooler because of a shake. I also got a pen that is nice because it has the tram go up and down using gravity. Finally, we looked in the control room and someone showed me how it worked. Then Dad and I went shopping at the hobby store and got some string for my Lego tram and went home.

The ride:

I tour the tram control center:

I receive a hat from a tram engineer:

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The article in the Canby Herald:


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