Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flight of the Dimona

Since Christmas I have been putting together my latest RC airplane, the Super Dimona 2400. This 7.5' wingspan RC plane is a scale "powered glider." (Check out the real airplane made by Diamond Aircraft - Beautiful!) This weekend the weather was great and it was the perfect opportunity to get this bird in the air for the maiden flight.


So, here's how successful first flights go: Get the plane in the air, climb as fast as you can, fly around for a few minutes, try some approaches and fly-bys, and figure out how to get the plane down on the ground safely before the battery runs out. My friend and flying buddy, Jeremy, took some video:

See how fast that bird comes in for landing! Gosh, my knees were knocking together by the time the Dimona rolled to a stop. Other than a problem with the nose wheel twisting around on landing, it was a near perfect flight.

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