Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Friday will be our last night in this house. Our storage POD will be picked up sometime on Saturday so it needs to be fully packed Friday night. Saturday will be mostly for cleaning and moving a few things to Dad and Mom's house. We will be staying with them for about two weeks before our new home in Kaiser is available.

It is getting harder to think of leaving this place with each passing day. More boxes get packed and more memories come up. Five years here have seen our big kids grow up so much; and this is the place we brought Miriam home to for the first time. So much life has happened in these years. I know that down the road it will seem like a short time in our lives but right now it is big. Adriel and I have lived here for the great majority of our married life together. David barely remembers anything else, and Abigail not at all. For Miriam our cute little house here in Canby will only be a picture or someone else's memory.

We are thrilled with the home that the Lord is giving us and also a little wistful about the place and the people we are leaving behind. We will miss our neighbors and friends here most of all.

And the packing continues....


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John & Stephanie Parks said...

Just wanted you to know that your family has been on my mind. I hope things are well and that the move went smoothly (at least to your mom's for now). Broc and I are up at my mom's often - maybe we can see you before your final move to Salem? Steph