Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Report 4.21.2008

This week we started learning about China and volcanoes. Today we did a fun demonstration to show how magma pushes up land to form one type of volcano. I filled a plastic cup 2/3 full of dirt and cut a hole in the bottom of the cup. A tube of toothpaste was our magma chamber and we squeezed the "magma" into the base of the cup, pushing the dirt up. Eventually our "magma" broke the surface of the dirt so the volcano could have a slow eruption. Abbie and I thought it was fun. Adriel commented that David looked like I was tormenting him by doing the demonstration. (Maybe it was that up coming Latin test he was thinking about!) I guess you can't please them all. David made a cool diagram of a volcano. Here is is...

David -

Latin LfC ch. 15, working on sentence patterns and some new vocabulary words. I haven't graded the test yet but I think he will do fine.

Math , up to chapter 10 now. He figured out that he is 1/3 of the way through this book. Got to love those fractions!

China, Reading about Hudson Taylor has been eye opening. David was impressed by how much this missionary respected the Chinese people and even dressed like them.


Latin, practicing vocabulary from previous weeks and she made a lap-book about the Latin names for family members.

Math, started MUS Gamma and Singapore 2B. We did skip ahead to do some fractions work because that was more interesting for her.

Project, Building the Lego Creator draw bridge all by herself. Once it is finished I will post pictures of the process.

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