Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekly Report- week three 2008-09

Better late than never right?  David's first week of school went well.  It continues to be an adjustment for him but he will be back in the swing of things soon.  Each day we get through things a little faster.


Math - reviewing Epsilon

Latin - Lively Latin lesson one

Rod and Staff Grammar- lessons 1-3


Handwriting - Learning cursive letters l,e, h and f

Math- reviewing Beta lessons

Grammar - FLL lessons 100 - 103


Narrations and copy-work

Art - basic drawing from "God and the history of art"

MFW - We started learning about Rome this week.  The founding of Rome and the start of the Republic.  I picked up the contact paper and card stock that we need for our timeline but we haven't started the timeline yet.  I have figured out where to put 
the timeline after some
 thought.  We don't really have hallways so we will have a vertical timeline.  Pictures next week.

The girls made their Roman clay tablets.  You can write a note and then smooth the clay over and over.  Yes, they really did use clay tablet books to write on in Ancient Rome.  Can you imagine taking lecture notes on that?
Second grade is exhausting!

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