Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of Imaginary Friends and Little Girls who Grow Up

La-la, Leana and Ho-ho are Miriam's new "friends"  According to her, they are in her ballet class (she doesn't go to a ballet class) and she calls them on her Cinderella phone.  They have yet to visit us but it is much easer to play with imaginary friends when they are here so I have encouraged her to invite them over.

This is our first experience with imaginary friends, the big kids never really did that.  Maybe they will help her deal with the disappointment of being three when she really wants to be two.  She is desperate to plan another birthday party (a pink one) so that she can turn two again.  Last night Mim told me "Being two, so wunerful"  in a sad little voice.  Mama wouldn't mind her going back to being two for a while either.

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