Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden Project

This year we decided to significantly expand our garden. Apparently we're not the only ones! Here's our progress so far: 

A new fence divides off the garden area from the rest of the backyard. The fence is about 50 feet long.

Morpheus - The reason for the fence.

Looking from the new "mini-orchard" back toward the garden and the house. We have two apple trees, a pear tree, a cherry tree and a peach tree. Next year we hope to get some benches and a fire pit to put in this area, it should make a nice backyard retreat.

The fenced-in mud pit which will become the garden, hopefully over the next few weeks.

A new cold frame with the very first set of semi-mature sprouts acclimating to their new environment. I'll build a second cold frame in the fall and we hope to grow lettuce, carrots and peas in both cold frames late into the year.

It has been a lot of work but everyone has been pitching in. David has been hauling bark dust continuously. Abigail did a great job holding a light for me late into Saturday night as I assembled the cold frame this weekend. Even miriam has been trucking bark dust in her wagon.

- Adriel

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