Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I have Accomplished in the past Week

It's Summer! We are having a great time with swimming lessons and bike riding but every homeschool mom knows that Summer is the time to really clean your house,de-clutter...... and of course, plan next year's subjects. So that is what I am doing. There is still much to do but here is a list of what I have done in the last week or so.

Cleaned out my bathroom cupboards
Deep cleaned the bathroom (Adriel's says "I didn't know the floor could get that shiny.")
De-cluttered my bedroom
Cleaned off book shelves
Purged old binders and collected still useable school supplies
Ordered next year's school books (and got some great deals on used books)
Sent messages to sellers letting them know the books I purchased  arrived
Negotiated a smashing deal on strawberries for jam ( I am my father's daughter after all)
Cleaned out the hair supply drawer
Cleared my desk
Set up my sewing stuff on my desk
Made a little pouch for my Nike Plus
Read two of the kids literature books for next year (Mostly while on a treadmill)
Finally found Jeans that fit David (It was more like David is finally up to a waist size that exists)
Dealt with Mim having a tummy bug (why do they always throw up in my bed??)
Turned my torn slacks into shorts
Started training the dog

I still have a huge list of things to do but it is nice to see a list of what is done, rather than what remains. The last weekend in July I have arraigned for my sister and my parents to take the kids for 4-5 days. My goal is to get all of my first semester and pre-school-year stuff done while the kids are having fun with cousins and grandparents. Before then, I need to have the house all de-cluttered, the school supplies organized and all of the lit books read.


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