Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Report- Week Two 2009-10

The second week of school was off and running but anyone who does memory work knows that you need to come up with ideas to keep it interesting. I had the kids take turns following directions , in Latin, about what to draw. They worked together to quickly draw these pictures on the white board and I had to come up with the coherent Latin sentences to prompt them. It was a fun and different way to review our vocabulary.

For Miriam I am using Hearts of Dakota's Little Hands to Heaven. We read the story of Noah, the ark and the Rainbow this week. This is her rainbow craft. Abbie joined in but neither of them got the rainbow covered in colored paper as was the idea. They had fun though!

A note about our memory work. This is one area where I am the most proud of what we are accomplishing. So often in educational circles you hear "rote memorization" decried as old fashioned and useless. In a classical education memory work is imperative to create the foundation upon which further learning will be built . To really understand anything you must first learn the vocabulary and foundational principals of that discipline. That is what we hope to do with the memory work in our home. Our studies in Latin, English grammar, math, bible and history have all been made easier and more satisfying because of our memory work. Latin isn't so difficult to translate if you know your vocabulary. Math isn't as tough when you understand the directions to "find the sum" and American history is richer when you know "Paul Revere's Ride".

Tantum scimus quantum memoria retinemus

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