Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting Ready for School

This year we are delving into the realm of computer based lesson planning and grade tracking. With David in eighth grade this year I figure it is a trial run for Fall 2011 when grades and transcripts really count. A few years ago I actually purchased a computer based planning software but it was tedious to enter everything and frustrating to use. The user interface was terrible, and that is something not taken lightly here.

Now I have found Homeschool Skedtrack. With only a couple of afternoons of work I have most of David's work for the year entered and so far I didn't want to throw the computer out the window even once! It was really simple to use and you can't beat the price - Free. An added bonus for us is that it is online so David can access his school assignments no matter where he is. I'm not sure he sees this as a beneficial thing, but his parents sure do.

So far I have entered:

Apologia Physical Science
Mapping the World by Heart
Lively Latin 2
History Odyssey
Memory Work
Writing Strands

This week I ordered Rod and Staff Grammar 7 and Argument Builder as well as our Bible study for this year so those will be entered when they get here. I also have some photocopies to make and two more literature books to read, but otherwise we are ready to go.

School Starts August 18th!



Tifani said...

Thank you for sharing the scheduling site!

Kash said...

It sounds like you're almost there, ready to go! I keep wavering about using a computer-based schedule, but so far I've stuck to my trusty paper-and-pencil. Like you, though, I think I may change as the kids approach high school and everything "counts."