Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Report November 8th - 12th

David - 

David is full swing into Nanowrimo and his story is great!  I can't wait to read the rest of it.  Keeping up with his required word count has been tough but we are taking a week off of school for Thanksgiving and I think that time will be used heavily for Nano.

He is discovering that eighth grade is challenging and he really has to think more deeply about his reading and writing.  He will be ready for High School by next Fall but it won't always be an easy ride.  We are studying Modern history this year and there are a lot of difficult subjects to deal with.  We are chugging away at our study of Daniel and it is getting interesting.  Really he wants to study Revelations, but Daniel needs to come first.

David has gotten caught up on some other work here this week and is looking forward to the Jr. High all nighter at church.  It sounds like it will be a blast.  I expect he will sleep most of Saturday.  I wonder if I should remind him that he has to be up for school that day?

Abigail -

Abby had a three day school week due to Veteran's day so we are taking advantage of these two days to get in some spelling, math, Latin and Bible.  We recently started using God's Great Covenant and she is really liking it.  She also picked up Latin for Children off the shelf and plugged in the dvd one day.  I will need to get her her own workbook soon since for now she is just erasing David's old one and using it.  Maybe for Christmas. Much of the vocabulary is familiar from our previous Latin studies so she gets to mostly concentrate on the grammar which is a good thing, since there is little grammar practice in the public school.

It sure make things busy but I love having all of my kids home and learning!

Miriam - 

Mim did some reading earlier this week but the past couple of days she has just wanted to do some math.  I can tell she is going to want color and variety in her math program though, so I think we will be shifting over to Singapore for her after Primer is done.  I will still use techniques from MUS as well as Singapore but she is my colorful girly-girl and the black on white of MUS just isn't her thing right now.

Last night she decided she wanted to do her "write-handing book" otherwise known as "handwriting".  This is a preschool Handwriting Without Tears book and is meant to be done in crayon.  It is perfect for Miriam because she loves to color right now.  She was tracing all of the letters and then coloring the pictures while I got to hand her the right crayons and be her color consultant.  I am glad I was right there because she started using a hook motion when making the letter C and I was able to correct it.  I have never seen a right-handed child do that but I sure want to avoid the habit.  She was on a roll and did several pages until I realized that it was past her bedtime!

Yesterday we made play dough and that is always fun.  She wanted red but it turned out a kind of pinkish orange.  Good thing she's not picky!


Monica said...

I am doing my first NaNo this year - I can't wait until my kids are able to do it one day, that will be fun. If you post pics, post your play dough - we need to do that!

Robin Johnson said...

We are participating in NaNo too! DD11 already passed her word goal. I'm not doing so well on mine.

Mandy in TN said...

Good luck to David on reaching his NaNo goal!

I am so impressed that on her days off from ps that Abby would do any school at all.

I love it that you call your wee one Mim that is just precious.