Monday, July 11, 2011

Esty Shop

I am jumping on the Esty bandwagon (I know, a little late) with my first listing.  I made a skirt like this for Miriam and she loved it.  One fateful day Adriel and I were watching her spin around the yard and he said "I bet you could sell those."   The idea has been wandering around the back of my mind since then and I finally decided to go for it. 

I really do love the skirt.  The fabric is just too cute.

My new favorite thing is this pinwheel hair clip though.  It's just the right touch for Summer and Mim likes it so much she actually keeps it in her hair (a must when growing out bangs).

I have a few more skirts in mind.  Those will be in my store, My Sailor Girls, as soon as I get them made.

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Jenny Plumb said...

How is it I'm not a blog follower? I thought I was at one point a year ago and then never saw a post again and thought you just weren't posting. Uh, fail (on my part). So I follow again. That little clip is darling! And your girls are getting so BIG!