Monday, March 19, 2012

Abbie's New Dress

I used this great vintage pattern and vintage fabric to make a cute little dress for Abigail.  I have put it off for quite some time because I was afraid to cut into this fabric when I knew there would be barely enough and it's much more of a Summer dress than Winter anyway.

I love how it turned out and Abby does too.

My Mom even had a dress just this style as a girl.  How fun!

I am currently obsessing about inverted box pleats and it is only natural that I came to adore this Mod 60's style, so I looked and looked for a doll dress pattern that would at least be close.  I don't mind modifying.  I did eventually find one that had the same basic shape (If you add huge puffy sleeves and a bunch of ruffles the clean Mod dress becomes turn-of-the-century victorian.....) but who wants to wait for snail-mail and besides, I prefer to get patterns at the .99 sales.

With encouragement from Adriel (It's good to have someone around who believes in you! ) I went ahead and drafted the matching doll pattern myself. It was quite different from my previous doll dresses and has had unique challenges, but eventually we got there.  Draft, tweak, draft, muslin, tweak, muslin, tweak.... Prototype.

It's not perfect yet.  We have a round or two of tweaking left, but this one works well enough as far as Abby is concerned.

Look for this vintage style and other one of a kind creations at My Sailor Girls in the coming months.

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