Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Being the Tooth Fairy

In most homes the tooth fairy can find a few quarters, or a dollar or two, slip it under a pillow, and call it good.........

Well not around here.

When David was little his Mom tooth fairy at the Portland house brought all kinds of fun things like books and videos etc.  Learning of this, the girls have rejected the ease of cold hard cash in favor of more valuable goods.  Of late the primary alternative to a couple of quarters has been my stash of play dough.

All of this background is so you will understand my dismay when, at 10:30 pm the night before our camping trip ( when I am up to my elbows in last minute packing and food prep) Miriam lost a tooth.  She of course came down to show me and as she scampered up the stairs I hear this demand, "I don't want money or play dough!"

My first instinct was not super maternal....  but I am such a sucker for my kids......

David was acting as my right hand packer, chopper, go-for that night so I asked if he had an extra journal left over from the batch his mom had gotten him at the beginning of the year.  Big brother saves the day!

I rounded up the ultrahold heat 'n' bond, some fabric and a glue gun

 I glued the fabric around the cover of the notebook and then glued down the first and last pages to seal in the fabric edges.

A Sharpie does the rest.....  and before you know it Mim has her own journal in which to write notes and draw pictures.  Journaling was one of her favorite parts of school this year and so we are writing back and forth to each other.

She loved it!  Thank you for coming to the rescue David.  You are a great brother.


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