Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And it Begins.......

The hit count at My Sailor Girls is going up and the Winter styles are photographed and listed......  Christmas is just around the corner!

Don't put off your order too long!  My turn around time is about 2 weeks so the order cut off is December 1st this year.  By the time I get all the orders done around the 15th the kids will be on break from school and I don't like to ignore them :)  There are a few Ready to Ship items for those who wait until December to order...... but even those should go out by the 15th just to be on the safe side.

I am in love with these little inverted pleats!  I used a great vintage 60's pattern and it is so sweet.

I found just enough of this calico to make the little girl dress and sadly there wasn't enough for a doll dress, but it is terribly sweet.

For this version I used coordinating stripes and floral with cording in the princess seams of the bodice.  The bodice is fully lined and it has a zipper closure.

The deep red of the pleats are just peaking out from a field of cherries in this set.  Again, it has a fully lined bodice and back zipper closure.

The funnest part for me was drafting the doll dress pattern.  I based it on the pattern shapes of the girl size dress but Kit here is built like a linebacker and adjustments must be made for her wide shoulders and barrel shaped body.  It turned out well though and Miriam assures me that Kit likes the style :)

~ Christina 

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