Friday, June 21, 2013


Today is the Summer Solstice   I was suppose to be running a 10K today.  It's on the training calendar that hangs next to my closet. "10K Solstice Run".  

But I'm not running it.  

I haven't really run since Christmas day. 

 Back in September I started running daily after a ho-hum Summer.  Many things contributed and really, I knew better, but basically I did everything wrong and ended up with "foot issues".  Here we are 6 months later, ice, rest, stretching, ice, heat, massage, ice....... and they still hurt.

I have come to accept a life of yoga and have even started a bit of rowing, but it's not running.

Non-runners don't understand and once I would have thought this sentence insane  but  - I miss running.  Sure the first mile or two sucks, but after that I get in a groove.  The rhythm of my feet is steady, and boy are those endorphins good!

My feet will probably recover, and I am still working on it, but stories about foot recovery usually start "It took a whole year...." or "three years ago I hurt my feet...".

In many areas in my life it seems God is teaching me patience.  I reminded him that I specifically did NOT ask for patience.  I have been very careful to NEVER ask for patience - Mama didn't raise a fool! 

And yet, so many things seem to require patience, including my feet.  I want to run again. On days like today it is the worst.  Not too hot, not too cold, fresh air and good shoes.... all I want is a dirt path under my feet and tunes in my ears.  I think it makes me a saner mom and a calmer person over-all. For the moment it is not to be.

 So for now I will do yoga and learn patience, even if I didn't ask to learn.

~ Christina 

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