Saturday, March 11, 2006

Back to School

Today Miriam is four weeks old. We are starting to get a bit of a sleeping routine down, although I am very much looking forward to her sleeping through the night a couple of months from now. I seem to be getting about 3.5 hours of sleep and then another 2 after a feeding in the early morning hours. I now know that those late night shows (after Leno and Letterman) are replayed between 2 and 3am along with infomercials and a lot commercials for sleep medication!

This week David and I started back to school. I have set things up so he can do a good deal of it without much help from me. We are learning to jump at those opportunities when Miriam is sleeping to get in the rest of our teaching time. I am also learning to bounce a baby and show Abigail how to write a letter or number at the same time. This week Abbie decided she wanted to learn to draw stars. She has taken a break from the letters and numbers to work on this. She continues to be mostly interested in learning to write and do simple math. We will try to get some new pictures up soon. All of the kids are growing so fast and we can see a big difference in Miriam these last few weeks.

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