Thursday, March 30, 2006

This week

Tuesday night Adriel and Miriam were cooing at each other and he made her laugh for the first time. It is fun to see her learn how to respond to us. Abigail has had a great week due to large amounts of protein for breakfast. Now the question is how to get David to do the same when he doesn't like eggs, sausage or peanut butter. Any ideas ? We all still have colds but it looks like the big kids are nearly over it. That gives the rest of us hope.

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Jenn said...

Hi there, my toddler fights me on nutrition and here are some ways we've added protein to her mornings:(it makes a HUGE difference in our day) yogurt, whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, oatmeal with a glass of milk, sunflower seeds, leftover supper, and sausage. Usually sausage isn't her thing, but I've got it down her two different ways. #1 is the sausage shaped like hotdogs....what is that? link sausage? Hot dogs are a rare treat around here and she love 'em. #2 is regular sausage in a biscuit. I bought a giant box of sausage cheese biscuits and they are so easy to pop in the microwave. I limit her dairy, but I've read that a dairy plus a whole grain = a complete protein.

Jenn in Mo