Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Drum Roll Please!

Big news for everyone this week. Adriel finished the big side project that he has been working on for many months. Now he can move on to all of the other work he has had to put off. He hopes to soon get enough house projects out of the way so that he can have a little well deserved down time. David and his mom are starting to move back into their house after the remodel. They have been doing without a kitchen for a while now and finally things are getting put back together. As for Abigail, she has officially started to read. After many months of just knowing letter sounds she has gotten the concept of blending the sounds to make words. We won't be reading War and Peace anytime soon but we are all very proud of her first read sentence ... "Pat the fat cat." She even showed off for grandma today. The news that has affected my life more than any other is that Miriam is sleeping through the night!!! Three nights in a row now she has slept more than 7 hours. What a great kid! I am off to take advantage of that now sleeping baby and crossing my fingers that she keeps it up.

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