Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

My parents, Dave and Sherie Henderson, celebrate their 32nd anniversary tomorrow. From the time I was a child, growing up on the mission field, I watched them work together as a team. Despite the living conditions, the pressures, and the lack of comforts their marriage continued to build and they helped each other through it all. Thank you mom and dad for the amazing example you have set. Here is a picture they sent to us from their apartment in Moscow Russia, taken just a few days ago as they enjoyed Easter with my youngest brother Sean. All the best to you mom and dad!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the very flattering comments. We praise God for His grace in getting this far. We are very proud of all of our children, all who were and continue to be God's gifts to us.


Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Adriel,

Just as I was preparing for a trip to Siberia, Dad and I read your note of encouragement, bringing tears to our eyes. Thank you. We can only praise our Lord for His grace and working in our lives, bringing us through the turmoil of those early years of marriage, forming us into a real partnership of love and ministry. We are so very proud of you. You along with your brothers and sister continue to be such a blessing to us. Daily we thank God for you and for what our Lord is doing in your lives. We love you so very much.