Thursday, March 06, 2008

Princess Maya and Queen Abigail

One day while princess Maya and Queen Abigail were walking in the woods they found a baby without her mama.  They were so happy they wanted to bring her home but instead they went to find the mama with the baby.  The mother was not around, anywhere.  They understood that the mom was dead and so the brought  the baby home and called him Joseph because they noticed it was really a boy.  When they got home they built him a crib with steel bars and a comfortable mattress.  One day the baby's father came home and it was the same day that the queen and the princess got the baby.  the father was so happy he jumped up and down.

Then one day when joseph was growing up his father taught him to carve wood.  He made a little toy boat for his little brother because his new mother was about to give birth.  When the new brother was in his bed his mother and father gave him a new bed, a bunk bed.  The little boy was so happy he jumped up and down and the little sister was so happy she jumped up and down because she knew someday she would be on the bottom bunk.

Then the mother and father built a family boat. A few days later when the baby sister was grown up, she was six, they all went on the boat together.

~ by Abigail

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