Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekly Report 3.3.2008

This week we finished up our study of Kenya/Africa.  We are working on lesson twelve in Latin for Children and equal fractions in Math-U-See.  Abigail has been going over the sample pages from a young children's Latin program that I hope to get her.  It will be avalible by the end of the month.  She is excited about it and has learned all of the vocabulary from the first 3 chapters we have as a sample. 

  The last two posts have been school things the kids were working on.  Abbie just wanted to write a story of her own creation and David is working on a basic five sentence paragraph format that will eventually grow to full essays and research reports.  Miriam is learning to glue so here is her contribution to the weekly report.

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JSTA said...

Yay for Mim! :-)