Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weekly Report- Week Eight 2008-09

Our first week with out new student went well.  We are still learning about Rome for a few more weeks.  David is bored of Romans but Abigail and J are interested and excited about our studies, so we will just leave David to his adolescent angst.   I didn't get any pictures because I was very busy getting use to an extra student as well as his math and spelling curriculum which I agreed to use.  Note to self : The virtual charter school is not my thing!  It reminds me how much I love Math-U-See.   Wednesday we are suppose to make a Roman arch out of pudding boxes so there should be pictures of that next week.

Adriel's birthday is on Thursday but unfortunately he is still not feeling well.  We will celebrate quietly.  It sure came quickly this year.  I keep thinking it's about a week away.  Hmmm, it's not anymore!

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