Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Report- Week Ten 2008-09

This was project week.  The kids were suppose to entertain themselves while I actually got the house clean.  The best laid plans and all.....  We had doctor appointments and phone consultations and bored kids and I was just plain distracted!  The boys did work quite a bit on their stop motion movies.  This week Abigail decided she was going to try to finish her math book so that she could move on tot he next one.  She learned to divide and thinks it is really fun.  The boys are trying to convince her otherwise and I just keep shushing them.  Our home is so peaceful when Abigail is happily doing page after page in her math book.  When they are bored they all annoy one another so it is good to keep everyone busy.

Today we will go to the library and I will sort clothes.  This was my ultimate goal this week.  I have gotten some clutter taken care of but I need to switch Miriam's clothes out for the next size, so that has to be done today.  This weekend I will be buying new clothes for David and Adriel and filling in anything missing from Miriam's wardrobe.  David has grown and some of Adriel's clothes need replacing after a few mishaps.  Time to get ready for Winter!


Paige said...

I hope Abigail continues to like division! Thanks for sharing your week.

Tonia said...

The "great seasonal clothes clean-out!" We just finished going through clothes and buying new things a few weeks ago :0) It's one of those chores I find very tedious!

Unknown said...

Oh I dislike this time of year and the switching of clothes.. Happy HOmeschooling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adriel and Christina,

I enjoy reading about your lives. Thanks for sharing! Hope you will see my pics on Facebook that I've put on . Also, Anna put on some more pics from Calvin's moustache party. Hilarious!

Love you all and miss you,
Mom (Grandma)