Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The bear did it

Daddy - "Who put this gum under the table?"

Abigail - (imagine the older child , superior sounding voice here) "Not me, probably Mim did it."

Miriam (You have to imagine the un-enunciated but emphatic lit of the two-year-old voice) - "no meeeee!"

Daddy - "I guess you girls lose gum privileges for two weeks since you can't keep track of your gum"

Miriam - "Bears do, Teddy bears did it."

Daddy "Then I suppose you lose gum privileges for three weeks, for not keeping track of your bears"

Mom starts laughing in the next room.



Who is "Taylor Design"? said...

You guys are hilarious! I love the reactions....your girls are so cute....and naughty!

Adriel & Christina Henderson said...

Your turn will come Anna!


Larry said...

Those darn bears! They used to cause a lot of trouble in my home too... ;)