Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The bear did it

Daddy - "Who put this gum under the table?"

Abigail - (imagine the older child , superior sounding voice here) "Not me, probably Mim did it."

Miriam (You have to imagine the un-enunciated but emphatic lit of the two-year-old voice) - "no meeeee!"

Daddy - "I guess you girls lose gum privileges for two weeks since you can't keep track of your gum"

Miriam - "Bears do, Teddy bears did it."

Daddy "Then I suppose you lose gum privileges for three weeks, for not keeping track of your bears"

Mom starts laughing in the next room.



Unknown said...

You guys are hilarious! I love the reactions....your girls are so cute....and naughty!

Adriel and Christina Henderson said...

Your turn will come Anna!


Larry said...

Those darn bears! They used to cause a lot of trouble in my home too... ;)