Sunday, January 18, 2009

She likes the baby!

You have to understand the background.  My friend Sarah has 2 boys and then there was a couple of years gap before her little girl came along.  In those in-between years Miriam was Sarah's buddy.  Basically when Sarah was with us Mim had no need of me, she was Sarah's girl and Sarah was her special big person.

When little Ascha was born Miriam observed her curiously but wasn't too interested.  While visiting the day this picture was taken Miriam made it clear that she could really do without this baby taking up Sarah's lap.  She suggested a few times that Sarah and I "trade babies" so that she could be held by Sarah.  Note that she had no issue with me holding Ascha!

Finally at the end of the day we got her to play with the baby and even hold her as this picture proves.  I think they will be friends.


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JSTA said...

They WILL be friends...and Miss Sarah will ALWAYS love her little Mim! :-)