Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekly Report- Week twenty 2008-09

This week we studied churches and monks and art of the middle ages in England.  I am not going to get detailed this week but here are the oiled-paper "stained glass windows" that we made.

David's isn't quite done yet because it is so detailed.  You can see how he is shading the water by coloring different pieces a darker blue.  Most windows in churches told Bible stories because the populace was illiterate.  This is one of Noah's ark.

The past two weeks we have been working on math facts.  All of the kids are making good progress.  David has moved into learning the past tense in Latin.  I thought it might be tough for him but he is doing just fine.  We are enjoying the "Elegant Universe" videos for a fun science study.   J and Abbie don't love them but David is excited about them.  I am finding them really interesting myself and it is fun to see David so happy about something school related.

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