Friday, June 03, 2011

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere

There are two Jo-Ann Fabric stores here.  They are being consolidated into a mall location, so the two current locations are having moving sales, great moving sales. I so rarely buy fabric but at %50 off I couldn't resist these cute patterns.  I dove into it with a few classic circle skirts, which every girl knows is the best kind for twirling.

Here is Miriam with her best neighbor buddy Autumn in their new circle skirts.

Every girl needs a good twirling skirt, no matter how big or small.

The other thing I have been up to is remaking some of the girl's clothes to get more life out of them.  Used clothing is where I get most of my material in general (because of my aversion to paying for fabric), but these were "tweaks" rather than real remakes.  My kids tend to grow up, but not so much out.  So, high water pants become capri's with a few stitches and some cute buttons.  Look for them next Fall when I take out those few stitches and add length for year-round versatility.

 These are a pair of Abigail's pants that were getting a bit too short.  She loves purple and it makes up a good 75% of her wardrobe so I was pretty safe in choosing this fabric to embellish with.  The embroidery didn't come out exactly as it was in my head, but she is happy with her "new" pants so that works for me.

Now for some more purple!

 I decided to try my hand at shirring.  I had picked up the elastic thread over a year ago and just never got the courage to try it.  I tossed off my fear of failure (and serious dislike of ripping out seams....) and went for it.  I did all of the hemming first, which is oh-so-easy on a straight, flat piece of fabric. Shirred it and added the straps.  Not too bad for my first go and it wasn't hard at all.  Abbie is enjoying the fact that Mama's hobby means she has some new (or updated)  thing to wear every couple of days.  Summer can come now, the Henderson girls have new outfits ready!


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