Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miriam and dad camping trip

This last weekend it was Miriam's turn to go boat camping with me. Saturday's weather report showed some passing storms on Saturday, but fair weather expected between. So we headed up to Detroit lake on Friday evening, anchoring in the same little cover Abby and I had visited the weekend before. When we went to bed on Friday night the sky was warm and clear, the stars were beautiful. We woke up to rain, and it rained all day. So we were cooped up in the tiny boat cabin, but Miriam did great and never complained. We worked on a puzzle, played a few games, colored, and snacked our way through the day. We even roasted some "smarshmellows" (as Miriam calls them) over the gas stove and popped some popcorn.

(Note the blue "boom tent" outside of the windows, which allowed us to keep the cabin a bit more open during the day while it rained.)

Finally Sunday morning came around the weather cleared up, we were able to venture out for some fishing and goofing around.

Cloudy, but not raining!

Yes, this one's going to be trouble in about ten years...

At about 3pm the sun finally came out, the breeze picked up, and we sailed our way back to the dock. The tiller in one arm, and my blonde in the other.

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Unknown said...

That is too cute! What a fun activity to be able to do and so peaceful ad well! LOVE IT!