Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abbie's Birthday

Abbie turned ten just over a week ago and we had a little party for her before she left for camp.  We had lots of family there and a friend or two for good measure.  She wanted a Hello Kitty cake and a treasure hunt for the game.  Adriel created a wonderful hunt with candy and clues at various places in and out of the house.  The kids loved it!  I had fun making the cake as well.

Abbie wanted to make sure we didn't stick the candles in Kitty's face.

After cake, it was time for gifts.  She loved them!

Grandpa Smokey and Grandma Dee with the newest member of the family, Cathie and Ron's youngest, Lucas.  The rest of the cousins were there too. 


Happy birthday Abigail

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